The Mom Egg

Robin Rapoport

ROBIN RAPOPORT’s painting and sculpture exhibits include showings through the

Greenwich Arts Council and The Studio in Armonk, NY. She collaborated with

InnerLandscapes Dance Theater on story and set design inspiring her to self-produce

“Coal Walker” at the Theatre of the Riverside Church, debuting

Headless Whorse Dance. This company has also shown at The Exchange, New

Dance Group in NYC, DUMBO Dance Festival and Merce Cunningham Studio,

all in 2007. She just completed a dance film based on “The Princess and the Pea,”

filmed outdoors in a contemporary format, as well as a company tour to Illinois

this summer to present “Lincoln” live. Her website is


by Robin Rapoport

Upon leaving an appointment, a familiar fear of the unknown sets in.

She said to leave with awareness, that transitions are important. I

proceed down the steps of the old Victorian home and reach for the old

fashion doorknob, turning it carefully to the right to let myself out.

As I step onto the porch, closing the door carefully behind me, I

pause. A faint breeze on my face. I instinctively turn to the delicate

sound of a wind chime hanging to my left, discreetly. I am acutely

aware of the most patient and caressing notes reaching my ears. So

harmonious and soft, so unexpected and pleasing, that I think to

myself; this very simplicity, this authentic moment must be what magic

is made of.

Mr. & Mrs. Stripe

by Robin Rapoport

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