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Olga Abella  It Doesn't End Here

Kristin Agudelo  The World of Forms

Nina R. Alonso  If That Was Her Name

E.J. Antonio  This Is How We Grow Into Women

Cynthia  Atkins  In Handfuls

Radhiyah  Ayobami  Untitled

Jessie Bacho  What's Dead?

Janet Barry  Pacing

Christine Beck  Last Words

Lindsey Bellosa  More Than Home

Susie Berg  Beach Street Bridge

Deborah L. Blicher  Leap of Faith

Emily R. Blumenfeld  Maternal Practice

EmmaBolden  After Your Hysterectomy: What Can You Expect?

Zachary Bond  Auscultation

Alina Borger  House Finch Lunes

Beth Bosworth  The Story of the Food

Rosalie Calabrese  When You Were Born

Jennifer Campbell  Duet

Wendy Taylor Carlisle  For An Overdue Birth

Fay Chiang  Four Short Poems

Patrice BoyerClaeys  Our Twelfth Year At The Pool

Louie Clay  I Decided to Prepare My Family

Marion Deutsche Cohen  People Who Just Love Kids

Karen Craigo  Breaking the Shell of the Year

Edward D.  Currelley  My Mother's War

Lorraine Currelley  Mama

Shannon J. Curtin  The League of Other Mothers

Kimberly Dark  Untitled

Holly Day  Butterfly Cage

Sarah J. Den Boer  Letters to Little Ones

Sally B. Deskins  Art

Chelsea Dingman  Dog Days

Carol Dorf  Curvilinear Space

Melissa Eleftherion  Mama, Turn Out The Light

Beverly B. Faragasso  Bathing

Alice B. Fogel  The Bedroom

LauraFoley  Transference

Jennifer L Freed  At the Family Gathering

Gail Ghai  The Orange Box of Bird Things

MariaMazziotti Gillan  How Many Hours

Melissa Gordon  A Week of Fairy Tales

Atoosa Grey  Daughter

Heather Haldeman  Fifty Shades of Sunrise

Jane Harrington  The Waiting Room

Lois Marie Harrod  The Child with the Small Heart

Jamie Lynn  Heller  I Denied Her

Rage Hezekiah  Hunger

April C Honaker  The Way She Carried Us

Louisa Howerow  Advice Given at the Market

Molly Howes  Giving Birth to Step-children

VickiIoro  Words of Compassion

Jennifer Jean   Anchoring

Jennifer Jean  On The "Compassionate Action" Theme

Wendy Jones Nakanishi  Loving

LaToya Jordan  Love, Again

Donna Katzin  Survivors

CherylB Keeler  Mammogram

HilaryKing  To The Pups Who Raised Us

Sandra Kohler  Katie Says Yes

Judy Kronenfeld  Babysitting Instructions for the Older Grandparent

Sara Emily Kuntz  Birth Story

Michelle Robin La  Open Closed Eyes

Lori Lamothe  House of Usher

Elizabeth Lara   In My Mother's Attic

Anna Lawson  Art

Deborah Leipziger  What My Body Remembers

Lori Levy  In the Garden of Grandma

Tsaurah Litzky  Alba for my Grandmother

Tsaurah Litzky  Art

ReneeBeauregard Lute  Blue Paper, Yellow Moons in Paint

Charlotte Mandel  Cosmology of the Human

Jennifer Martelli  No Face

Rethabile Masilo  The Mother

Grace Mattern  Ritual

Libby Maxey  Understanding

Megan Merchant  Ghazal for Unbroken Sorrow

Megan Merchant  Kneel

Colleen Michaels  Theraputic

Matthew Miller  Trouble

John Minczeski  The Drift That Her Dying Had Become

Katrinka Moore  Gravity

Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes   New Mother

Amy S. O'Hearn  On Days My Mother Smelled Like Fish

January G.  O'Neil  Prayer

Eve Packer  if

DawnPaul  Last Photo With My Mother

PumaPerl  All that Authenticity May Be Getting Old

Virginia Petrucci   Breakfast

Deborah Polikoff  Labor

Andrea T Potos  Almost Eighteen

Kyle Potvin  Blackout

Margaret Rapp  Reflections of a Multicultural Mom

Francine Rockey  Sky

Wesley Rothman  Why Mother

Margaret Rozga  My Shadow is a Silent Movie

SarahSadie  The World Tree Grows at Westgate Mall

Jennifer Schomburg  Kanke  Prayer of My Laboring Mother

Wendy Scott  Missed The Surgery

Margie Shaheed  Catching the Bus #6

SarahShamel  Pantoum for the Boys at Q's Party

LynneShapiro  What Good Was/Is

Ana  C.H. Silva  At the National Museum of the American Indian, Columbus Day

JudithA Skillman  Cradle

DarcySmith  Egg Shells

Meghan Smith  For Now

Rose M Smith  Surrogates

EmilyJ Spencer  This is How I Want to Live My Life

Autumn Stephens   Fruitless

AlisonStone  Festival of Light

Enzo Silon Surin   Preface to Exile

Marjorie S Thomsen  Serving

Meredith Trede  Taking Back the Daughter of the Night

Claudia B Van Gerven  Secret Rooms

Susan Vespoli  Guam

Lisa Vihos  Selling My Son's Bunk Bed After the Divorce

NancyVona  Karen at the Senior Prom

Anna Lowe Weber  My Daughter's Mouth

LauraGraceWeldon  Failure Too

Shanna Powlus Wheeler  Mystic Affection

Artress B White  Mummies

Quinn White  Tumbling

Lisa Wiley  Taking My 8-Year-Old Daughter to Hear Seamus Heany

Faith Williams  Riding the dreams

L. B.  Williams  When You Were Wild

NancyLyneéWoo  Karma

Müesser Yeniay  Lament

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