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Bird Frying E.J. Antonio 

She Deb Chamberlin/Robert Wynn 

The Weight Lisa Fox

Niftar Mindy Greenstein 

A World Created for Lovers Alana Ruben Free

Monday Morning Rosalie Calabrese 

Farm Girl Roberta Fineberg 

Blue Boy Cheryl Boyce Taylor 

To Hold Cheryl Boyce Taylor 

Live Out Loud Joy Rose 


Maggie McLaughlin

Ellen Rix

Eileen Motok


Suzanne Altman

Estelle Slon

Rosemary Mitchell


Ellen Rix

Eileen Motok

The Mom Egg 2007 Vol.5


American Literacy MaryJo Martin

Hey Adam Corie Feiner

SUSU Nan Byrne

Motherhood Nan Byrne

The Leaving Game Meredith Fein Lichtenberg

Lullaby Jill Shely

School Days Golda Solomon

The Candyman Radhiyah Ayobami 

20 Radhiya Ayobami

The Naked Girl Cassandra Neyenesch

Breasts Joy Rose

At Eleven and a Half Lee Schwartz

I Live With a Fashion Nazi Angela Himsel 

My Girlz Rew 

Therapy Terry Platz

Pickin’ Cotton & Pickin’ Peas Annette Daniels Taylor 

When Things Fall Apart—Almost Mitzi G. Mitchell

Portrait of Dad Lynda Marks Kraar

October Remembrance of July Tina deVaron 

Coming Up for Air M.J. Tenerelli 

Midnight Blue Sky Fay Chiang 

Rain Season Marjorie Tesser 

Bruised Ocean Cheryl Boyce Taylor 

Model Cheryl Boyce Taylor 

Spring Memories Rosie Rosenzweig 

Wisdom or Worry? Alana Ruben Free 

Satyagraha Jennifer Edwards 

Without Water Corie Feiner 

Good Girl Jennifer Hill-Kaucher 

Sorrow Kathryn M. Fazio 

Pupils Kathryn M. Fazio 

Grand Central May Joseph 

Gargoyles May Joseph 

Du Jour Marjorie Tesser 

Love Letter to 7th Street Squat Jessica Hall 

Waiting Jessica B. Burstrem 

Nine Ways of Seeing Him Monica A. Hand 

I’ll Do Without Him Now Rosalie Calabrese

Musical Bliss Janeane Bernstein 

Intruder Estelle Bruno

Younger Man Patrice Moerman 

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